Evergreen Centre for Resource Excellence & Innovation


The Centre inspires learning and innovation for responsible resource development. The Centre provides a trustworthy environment for resource partners to exchange new ideas, communicate expectations, learn from others, and inspire innovative resource solutions.

Roles of the Centre:

  • Earn the trust of Albertans. Trust is earned through listening and demonstrated action of our care for people and the environment. The Centre engages partners and empowers them with knowledge to enhance their current systems to meet the desired economic, environmental, and social outcomes. Create and enhance trust between the industry, community, and government.
  • Facilitate and lead collaboration. The Evergreen Centre welcomes innovators and entrepreneurs to develop concepts, conduct research, build and test working models that demonstrate environmentally responsible solutions that lead to the development and implementation of best practices. Connect policy makers to innovative practices to help support and enhance environmental policy.
  • Share information, educate, and train. Evergreen Centre provides a practical learning environment for individuals to see, experience, and learn about innovative environmentally responsible solutions and best practices. The Evergreen Centre offers partners opportunity to learn about the industry proven low-impact solutions and best practices that will meet or exceed societal expectations. Empowering partners with knowledge and practical solutions that go beyond regulatory compliance.

The Centre has industry coming to it: GPRIN and its service-provider stakeholders like Alberta Innovates and NRC IRAP could meet some of those companies at the ‘front door’ and engage with them in research and product development.

The Centre encourages and supports companies to use the site for product demonstrations. The current demonstrations on site showcase processes and practices done by industry partners of the Centre. The Centre plans to increase the opportunity for research and product development leading to product demonstrations. Current and future demonstrations will showcase an array of knowledge based science and practice which could be packaged and delivered into global markets as environmental best practices in resource development. Some of the research or new product development from the Centre has been incorporated into the province’s Integrated Resource Management Plan guidelines as industry best practices. The Centre is building relationships that strive for environmental excellence: that vision is a budding best practice with global potential.

The Grande Prairie Regional Innovation Network is supporting the Centre with funds to move ideas forward. View the video below for highlights and successes at the Centre:

Evergreen Centre for Resource Excellence & Innovation: