Integrity Industries North: Sight Surveillance

Integrity Industries North: Sight Surveillance

Since 1989, Integrity Industries North has had its roots in the construction side of oilfield maintenance. In 2010, it turned to technology innovation. Company owner Lindsay Wadsworth, sitting at one of his work sites thought to himself, “Why don’t I know where everybody is?” Having that knowledge in the heavy equipment industry would allow businesses to be more efficient and competitive.  What was needed was a better way to track inventory and staff in the field. Starting with existing technology, he designed hardware and software to meet his team’s needs inside his company. Soon, though, his clients let him know that they would like to use this clever tool themselves, and pay him for it.

The search was on to learn what steps to take next. This brought Lindsay into contact with service providers at the Grande Prairie Regional Innovation Network (GPRIN), and in particular, with Alberta Innovates, the National Research Council, and CETAC-WEST.

Needing money for research, Lindsay accessed an Alberta Innovates Micro Voucher in January 2015 and research began on the best hardware to use as a small portable radio repeater unit. That unit is now part of a patent pending product called Sight Surveillance.

In order to develop the software that captured the radio data and use it for mapping, Lindsay received help and funding from the National Research Council Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP). Their industrial technology advisors work to assemble a mix of expertise, information and resources unique to clients’ needs in developing their innovative ideas.

One of the strengths of regional innovation networks such as GPRIN is the ability to put resources and people in touch with one another to foster success. Software development was critical in moving Lindsay’s idea from dream to reality. GPRIN brought Lindsay and talented applied research engineers together. Says Lindsay, “I don’t know any engineers. We travel in completely different circles!  I’m the idea guy and these guys know how to make the idea work.”

GPRIN also assisted Lindsay in his quest to successfully market his innovative project by helping him attend CETAC West learning sessions on corporate leadership development. CETAC-WEST (Canadian Environmental Technology Advancement Corporation) is a private sector, not-for-profit corporation committed to helping small to medium-sized enterprises engaged in the development and commercialization of new environmental technologies.

Sight Surveillance

Integrity Industries North’s Sight Surveillance is a real time personnel, asset tracking and logistics management solution used in project management situations where communications and transfer of data is limited because of location and geography. The variety of reports produced by Sight Surveillance include all the typical information which a client might use to remain efficient and productive on site, and additional information meeting clients’ specific needs. The data are analyzed on-site by Integrity’s GIS/Radio technician and reported to the client’s site operations team.

In the field, Sight Surveillance is typically contracted by oil and gas companies or government entities. The system and its operators arrive on-site and a mobile command centre is set up which includes installing DMR-GPS mobile radios on the client’s equipment. Portable radios are issued to all personnel who don’t have access to a mobile radio. Real-time GPS data is collected and fed onto a ‘live map’, giving the user an accurate map of the client’s job site, showing the current location of people and equipment. Data is analyzed and reports are created. Decisions are made and communicated back into the field operations mobile command centre where edits to the final maps are prepared daily for record management.

Good News

Based on its commitment to public and workplace safety, Integrity Industries North. was one of only three companies in Canada to be awarded a Motorola Development Licence. A three-year application process resulted in permission to integrate Sight Surveillance with Motorola’s system. It is a privilege rarely granted by the global powerhouse, and a testament to Integrity’s commitment to excellence. Happily, such synergy allows both Integrity Industries North and Motorola to expand markets.

Typical work projects for Integrity Industries North include seismic exploration, natural disaster recovery, fire fighting in the Grande Prairie and Peace River regions, and winter exploration for a few major oil companies. These sectors, all important to the economic success of the region, benefit from Lindsay Wadsworth’s innovative approach to efficiency and competitive edge. Any company that can boast the use of the latest technology in real-time tracking and almost-instant site-specific mapping has a competitive edge in bidding for work.

In the fall of 2015, Lindsay was chosen as the Grande Prairie and District Chamber of Commerce Small Business Week Innovator of the Year.

From an innovation-process viewpoint, Integrity’s resource team has successfully undertaken and completed a very diverse set of activities to tackle complex jobs. They include developing the concept, securing intellectual property, having engineering drawings, building prototypes & testing them, manufacturing the equipment and implementing a business process. A key to Integrity’s ability to move innovation forward is a combination of entrepreneurial leadership and resource team participation.

When asked where he thinks he and his company would be without the help of GPRIN, Lindsay said, “I think I would still be spinning my wheels. I don’t think I would have gone down the path to better my product. I knew I’d need to generate market share, but I had no internal support to expand it. Without their support, I would have struggled moving my idea forward”.